Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked Cell Phones

What is that a cell phone is unlocked?

An unlocked cell phone can be used with any company, without having to be tied to a specific plan. You can unlock your phone to use it with another company, or you can buy a cell phone unlocked on the Internet if you want to change your phone without having to go to the Agency. The purchase process and the use of a cell phone unlocked is legal and relatively simple in United States. Unlocked phones are more common in Western Europe.

Unlocked cell phones
Unlocked phones gives some freedom to users to choose a cell phone and a company – for example, if a user wants to switch to a phone that does what your phone company, you can choose to buy it unlocked and then simply change the SIMcard. Providers of mobile phones that use Code Division Multiple Access are not compatible with unlocked phones, since they do not use SIM cards. That if they use this last system, using the Global System for Mobile Communication. In the United States, AT & T and T-Mobile use GSM; and GSM is more common in Europe. While Sprint, Verizon Wireless and US Cellular use CDMA.

It is not illegal to use an unlocked phone, and it is not illegal to unlock an own phone. However, in United States, cellular companies are not required to sell cell phones unlocked nor help you unlock a cell phone own – although it may be that some do. The legal right to unlock an own cell was declared in November 2006; previously, unlocked cell was considered a violation of copyright according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The biggest benefit of an unlocked phone is the possibility of using a new phone without buying it through your phone company, a process that often involves a new contract and perhaps higher rates. You also have the freedom to use any unlocked phone with the phone company that is compatible. These phones can be used internationally to replacing the SIM card with a new one from the country you’re visiting, allowing you to reduce the costs of international calls when you are abroad.

Unlocked phones tend to be more expensive than people shopping with a contract of a company phone, sometimes two or three times more. Due to the few companies that use GSM, even with a cell phone unlocked, your options are relatively limited in the United States. Some phones have features that are only available with some telephone companies, and may not work when the phone is unlocked and used with another company.

An unlocked cellphone is one that can be used on any GSM network.
An unlocked cellphone can be used on any GSM network. In the States, Cingular and T-Mobile are GSM providers. If you purchase an unlocked phone you’ll be able to use either provider – rather than purchasing a phone from them which is locked to a particular network. A GSM world phone supports all four GSM frequencies and can be used virtually anywhere in the world (take advantage of local rates rather than beign charged for roaming)by using a prepaid SIM

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