Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair If you read carefully this article you will learn a quick and simple way how to fix you cell when the presenting problems, in addition you can arrange many other and different brands in a short time what you will receive a good payment for a job efficiently and effectively and in a record time, almost you do it while talks an afternoon with your friends of course being the technician of cellular of them. And what if this money then invest it in a good dinner, shopping, cinema
Here in this humble site you will find most relevant and unknowns keys that keep mobile phones to operate at 100; being a character so simple you won’t believe it!
You will learn to open bands, correct the audio, defects in the display… etc and all those little problems that usually present and you have paid and paid you friends one fortune by which other servicing a respective since he has the keys and you do not, but that’s going to change my friends today.
Here are 5 steps that you must follow to correct damage caused by falls. Pay close attention
Step #1.

Well check out the cellular
Step #2. It uncovers the cellular
Step #3. Check which is the bad component
Step #4. Replace the component.
Step #5. Arm again and try it again.
Ah last step the most important to cash!
Now yes, you already have the methods for doing so; no doubt it is a 90% checked by the Guild of technicians in electronics if you apply the above to a mobile phone with a failure you corregirás their failures without hesitation anywhere. It is true, so you said at the outset that it was hard to believe, however to confirm you you yourself what I’m talking about I’ll show a small 2 minute video that you will serve as a scientific test. Come on and click so that you learn.
And that if we now rehearse with your mobile, yes yours,
I invite you to make the following exercise.
Important to remember that although all phones are in different ways, with different functions, colors and smells je, je, je, everyone has a same operating principle. There are many things with different forms but the background of them is always the same.

Almost salts as a technician and better yet had to go to the U, that TESO.
Let’s start you’re going to take your mobile phone either medium or high, low range and brand sony Ericsson, nokia, Motorola, Samsung, lg etc. anyone who is going to open it…

Simple time is
write me your cell failures and I will be helping you repair it, are not only confident in my.

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